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Brief introduction of the hospital
   Tanggangzi hospital that has over 50 years' histories was founded in 1950. Originally, she was divided into three hospitals with 3 wards and 300 beds. Up to now, she has merged three hospitals into a large-general hospital with a coverage area of 640,000m2and ten wards and 1300 beds that can treat some chronic diseases. It is also one of the four largest physiother- apeutic and rehabilitation centers in China, Liaoning rehabilitation center and physical
physicians base of National Health Ministry. There were only several kinds of treatment methods at first, now there are 60 kinds of therapies,such as hot spring, mineral mud, wax, electricity and traditional Chinese medical therapies. At the same time, it also established 7 clinic departments, including rehabilitation, orthopaedics and traumatology, rheumatism, geriatrics, soft tissue injury, diabetes dermatology and 4 treatment departments: physical medicine, sports medicine,acupuncture and massage. And to be worth mentioning, Tanggangzi massage technology has combined the northern with the southern and has enhanced further and has become a unique therapy. Annually, the number of patients with chronic diseases to the hospital is about 9,000 and tourists to the hospital are over 400,000.

   In order to expand the national fame of Tanggangzi hot spring, Tanggangzi rehabilitation and care centers have been built in many provinces and areas in China . On the other hand, the leaders of Tanggangzi hospital carried out policies developing the international market, therefore, the same centers also have been set up in Asia ,

South America and the Middle East etc. At the same time, lots of doctors have been sent to Japan, Russia, Germany, Australia to learn the foreign advanced medical technology, as the result, patients from Argentina, the United States, Germany, Russia, Japan, South Korea and so on came here to have therapies constantly .
   In 1995, Yu Quan Hotel was been built by the Tanggangzi hospital, which is jointly operated by the Tanggangzi hospital and South Korea. With fine scenery, many historical buildings, exquisite rehabilitation and therapeutic technique, special

terrestrial heat and good service. Tanggangzi hot spring hospital sincerely welcomes guests at home and abroad to rehabilitation, tour, business negotiation and medical cooperation.
Welcome to Tanggangzi hot Spring!


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